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Animated Video Design Kent

The benefits of having an Explainer Video

Businesses have to compete for the attention of consumers today, more than ever in history. In this fast paced world, most businesses have seconds to convince their target customers of the benefits of consuming their products over those provided by competitors. A professionally produced explainer video is just what you need to ensure that you capture the attention of potential customers online and pass on the necessary marketing information in a simple and fast manner.  Below we will look at some of the main benefits of using an explainer video in your online marketing efforts both on your website and via other platforms.

Help Retain Information

Branding efforts conducted by businesses are usually aimed at enhancing the levels of awareness around a company’s brand. This can only be achieved by using marketing tools that leave an impression on the target audience’s memory. Research findings indicate that people tend to remember what they see in terms of videos and images as compared to what they read. Whether you use an exciting animation or regular explainer video, you can be sure of achieving your branding goals.

Clarify More about the Product

Before you start thinking about making sales, you need to be sure that your target audience is aware of your product’s presence in the market and its use. By using an explainer video, businesses are able to demonstrate the need for their products visually. Target customers are able to gain a lot of information on the product’s usage. This makes it easier for them to decide whether they actually need it. It is worth noting that today’s consumer bases their purchases on researched information; explainer videos can pass on a lot of information.

Enhance Conversion Rates

Small businesses and even start-ups can find out more about what potential customers are interested in by use of explainer videos. After working with a professional video design agency in Medway, you can use the statistics on the number of views of different videos to see what your website’s visitors are interested in. This is more efficient than using the traditional way of manually counting sales to understand which products are the most popular.

Make an Interesting Sales Pitch

To make sales, businesses need to rely on a perfectly crafted sales pitch. In the case of using a website, businesses have the option of using text or an explainer video. While a block of text may seem to be enough, it is worth noting that it may seem boring to visitors. An explainer video, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity of using interesting elements including animations to come up with an interesting pitch.

Explainer videos and whiteboard animations are highly rated communication tools that are bound to reap substantial results. Integrating them in your online marketing efforts is highly recommended.  If you are looking for some further information please contact us, we are a great animated video design company in Kent.

WordPress Website Design

Why Use WordPress for Your Business? Here’s Some Reasons Why!

Not all businesses or individuals use WordPress for their website or blog.  With the ever moving and changing industry, there are many platforms people can use to create a website. However,  if you are looking for a new website, or have an existing website built in a different platform, it’s important that you understand what WordPress can offer you to help improve your business and create success.

All of the websites we create for our clients in Medway and the surrounding Kent area are created using the WordPress platform.  Why you may ask? Lets consider some statistics. WordPress now powers over 25% of ALL sites across the web.  A staggering statistic!  You may ask why you should consider using WordPress to power your business?  Statistics are great but we all know the key question is ‘how can it benefit my business?’  This a question some of our Clients have asked us when creating a website designs for their businesses in Kent.

Here are just some of the benefits you’ll get if you decide to use WordPress for your website design in Kent:

1 Easy to Use: The interface of WordPress is very intuitive so you won’t have any problems adding and editing posts, images, videos, etc. on your site. You don’t have to format every post that you make because it would be automatically adjusted by the technology.
2 Save Money: With the ease of use of WordPress, you no longer need to hire a designer for every update of your website. You can do all the editing yourself which means the money that you pay for your designer to constantly update can be an aid to other important things (we provide tutorial videos with every design to make it even more easy!!).
3 Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): WordPress has simple and clean codes. That’s why when you have a website design created by ALH using WordPress for your business in Medway, Kent or further afield, you’ll notice that every title, post, page, image that you add has its own Meta tag. You also have the choice to further enhance your SEO with fantastic and FREE! plugins.  We always install ‘All in One SEO’ plugin to get you started.
4 Easy Management: With WordPress, you can easily manage your website anywhere in the World on any computer. All you need to have is your username and password for the WordPress login site.
5 Flexible and Consistency: You have the control on how you would like your website design in Kent to look like. If you prefer a layout that’s consistent all throughout the pages, you can do it. If you prefer different layouts in different pages, you also have the freedom to do so.  With WordPress at our fingers, we can create anything for your business in Kent.
6 Multiple Users: The WordPress platform enables multiple users for one account. If you decide to ask for some help from a designer or some of your friends, it would be perfectly fine and easy to do.
7 Mobile Responsive and Readiness – With WordPress, your website designed by us in Medway can be easily viewed in a computer, laptop, tablet and any sizes of mobile devices. You don’t have to worry about manually adjusting your site because the technology of WordPress allows you to have a theme that’s mobile ready, which in turn makes it Google!! friendly.
8 Plugins: You can easily extend the functionalities of your website with the plugins that you choose to use. You can easily add social media sites, a calendar, comment box and many more with plugins.  There are literally thousands of plugins at your finger tips with WordPress.

These are just some of the benefits that you can get if you get a new website designed using WordPress, or decide to change your existing website to WordPress. Try using this for your business and there’s no doubt that you’ll achieve improvement and success in no time.  At ALH all websites we create for our Clients are done so using the WordPress platform, and least we forget, at fantastic prices.  Contact us now to see how we can help you move your business forward.

Facebook Articles with WordPress

Integrating Facebook Articles with WordPress

Nowadays, it is vital for you to integrate your social media account into your website development as it gives your readers and followers to easily share your content on their own account. Some members of the online community are satisfied with the built-in social buttons that are included in the template and some of them opt for a WordPress plug-in that instantly embed the link in their social media account. Some of you may prefer to install the WordPress plug-in as it provides the things that you need. Others will see that plug-in has a poor coding and incorporate additional services that they do not necessarily need. There are also plug-in that does not integrate well with the WordPress design.

Website Development: Integrating Facebook Articles

The Notes feature in the Facebook has been updated and was now transformed into Articles. This recent upgrade by the Facebook on their notes makes it more adjustable and alluring. This latest upgrade permits you to include a cover picture that is pertinent to the article that you are posting on the web. You can likewise include a caption, format the content and resize the photo. This latest update has prompted the website development company to alter their methodologies and techniques when creating a template.

The above upgrade is great but, however, the more recent upgrade of Facebook plug-in is outstanding as it makes it less demanding for the WordPress blogger to create contents. Facebook decided to team up with Automatic, which is the subsidiary of WordPress Organisation to convey the latest plug-in to the online community. This will allow any blogger of WordPress to auto-distribute the content into the Facebook platform depending on their website development.

On the off chance that you are utilising a standard WordPress layout, the plug-in is something that is promptly accessible for you to utilise. In case, your WordPress site is totally customised and designed by a website development company you should really consider approaches that will extend the WordPress platform that will support this latest feature. According to Statistics, more than 25% of the website development templates are made up of WordPress. The latest feature offers a great way of revolutionising the way we shared content on the Facebook platform. This partnership with Facebook will probably prompt the other big social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram to team up with WordPress and create a similar plug-in. This latest move by the Facebook has catapulted them as an all-in-one online source of news.

Starting from April 12, Facebook users can now implement this plug-in, but as early as today you can now download and install the feature. In the event that you are planning to start a website development or just to share articles, WordPress is the most recommended platform to use. It is completely free to use and offers a wide array of outstanding plug-in.

ALH Web Design Kent

Creative Minds, Passionate Individuals

In order to standout from competition, you need to establish your own brand. Having a brand name is not enough. You need to have a strong presence and create a positive impression. You should be different in order to captivate attention. You should tap out-of-the-box strategies in order to stick to the minds of your target market. This is basically where ALH Digital Design enters the picture. We are specialists in providing bespoke solutions to our clients not only in Kent but in the rest of the UK as well. We are experts in design, whether it is for your website design in Medway or other marketing materials.

ALH Digital Design was established in January 2016. Being a relatively new player in the industry, the biggest challenge is for us to gain the trust of our customers. Within the first few weeks of our operations, we have attracted an extensive list of patrons. With pride, we can say that we did not only meet, but even exceeded their expectations. Whether it is logo creation or website design in Kent, we have provided their creative needs.

What We Do
At ALH Digital Design, we provide comprehensive design solutions. More than just website design in Kent, we also provide other services, such as graphic design. Whether it is for flyers or door hangers, we have a team of competent graphic artists who can come up with the outputs that you need. We also create animated videos, which can be placed on your website or can be used as a standalone marketing material. We can also create logo and branding designs. We offer start-up packages, which will be the perfect way to skyrocket to success. We understand the needs of start-ups, and we are here to extend a helping hand.

How We Work
When working with us, you will be given complete control. We work hand-in-hand with our clients and make sure that their needs are addressed. For instance, if you need website design in Medway, let us know your expectations. Give us a list of the things that you want. Sit back, relax, and let our creative team handle the job. Provide us with creative freedom and we assure you that the outcome will be nothing short of being impressive.

Beyond Design Services
More than having creative minds, we are also passionate individuals. Our passion is not only reflected in our website or graphic design outputs but also when it comes to helping the local community. We may be a small business, but we make sure that we put an emphasis on our social responsibility. With this, we also offer placements for colleges in Kent, and we have various activities that are dedicated to helping the community as a whole. We are committed to giving back to the society.