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Integrating Facebook Articles with WordPress

by + admin. Posted on 18-02-2016

Nowadays, it is vital for you to integrate your social media account into your website development as it gives your readers and followers to easily share your content on their own account. Some members of the online community are satisfied with the built-in social buttons that are included in the template and some of them opt for a WordPress plug-in that instantly embed the link in their social media account. Some of you may prefer to install the WordPress plug-in as it provides the things that you need. Others will see that plug-in has a poor coding and incorporate additional services that they do not necessarily need. There are also plug-in that does not integrate well with the WordPress design.

Website Development: Integrating Facebook Articles

The Notes feature in the Facebook has been updated and was now transformed into Articles. This recent upgrade by the Facebook on their notes makes it more adjustable and alluring. This latest upgrade permits you to include a cover picture that is pertinent to the article that you are posting on the web. You can likewise include a caption, format the content and resize the photo. This latest update has prompted the website development company to alter their methodologies and techniques when creating a template.

The above upgrade is great but, however, the more recent upgrade of Facebook plug-in is outstanding as it makes it less demanding for the WordPress blogger to create contents. Facebook decided to team up with Automatic, which is the subsidiary of WordPress Organisation to convey the latest plug-in to the online community. This will allow any blogger of WordPress to auto-distribute the content into the Facebook platform depending on their website development.

On the off chance that you are utilising a standard WordPress layout, the plug-in is something that is promptly accessible for you to utilise. In case, your WordPress site is totally customised and designed by a website development company you should really consider approaches that will extend the WordPress platform that will support this latest feature. According to Statistics, more than 25% of the website development templates are made up of WordPress. The latest feature offers a great way of revolutionising the way we shared content on the Facebook platform. This partnership with Facebook will probably prompt the other big social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram to team up with WordPress and create a similar plug-in. This latest move by the Facebook has catapulted them as an all-in-one online source of news.

Starting from April 12, Facebook users can now implement this plug-in, but as early as today you can now download and install the feature. In the event that you are planning to start a website development or just to share articles, WordPress is the most recommended platform to use. It is completely free to use and offers a wide array of outstanding plug-in.

Facebook Articles with WordPress

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