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The benefits of having an Explainer Video

by + admin. Posted on 02-05-2016

Businesses have to compete for the attention of consumers today, more than ever in history. In this fast paced world, most businesses have seconds to convince their target customers of the benefits of consuming their products over those provided by competitors. A professionally produced explainer video is just what you need to ensure that you capture the attention of potential customers online and pass on the necessary marketing information in a simple and fast manner.  Below we will look at some of the main benefits of using an explainer video in your online marketing efforts both on your website and via other platforms.

Help Retain Information

Branding efforts conducted by businesses are usually aimed at enhancing the levels of awareness around a company’s brand. This can only be achieved by using marketing tools that leave an impression on the target audience’s memory. Research findings indicate that people tend to remember what they see in terms of videos and images as compared to what they read. Whether you use an exciting animation or regular explainer video, you can be sure of achieving your branding goals.

Clarify More about the Product

Before you start thinking about making sales, you need to be sure that your target audience is aware of your product’s presence in the market and its use. By using an explainer video, businesses are able to demonstrate the need for their products visually. Target customers are able to gain a lot of information on the product’s usage. This makes it easier for them to decide whether they actually need it. It is worth noting that today’s consumer bases their purchases on researched information; explainer videos can pass on a lot of information.

Enhance Conversion Rates

Small businesses and even start-ups can find out more about what potential customers are interested in by use of explainer videos. After working with a professional video design agency in Medway, you can use the statistics on the number of views of different videos to see what your website’s visitors are interested in. This is more efficient than using the traditional way of manually counting sales to understand which products are the most popular.

Make an Interesting Sales Pitch

To make sales, businesses need to rely on a perfectly crafted sales pitch. In the case of using a website, businesses have the option of using text or an explainer video. While a block of text may seem to be enough, it is worth noting that it may seem boring to visitors. An explainer video, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity of using interesting elements including animations to come up with an interesting pitch.

Explainer videos and whiteboard animations are highly rated communication tools that are bound to reap substantial results. Integrating them in your online marketing efforts is highly recommended.  If you are looking for some further information please contact us, we are a great animated video design company in Kent.

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